Here at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Delphos, we enjoy the many event and activities we hold each year. This gives us an opportunity to not only come together as a congregation, but also as a community. We come together to serve the Lord and our community when we can through the many activities and events we enjoy. Please join us at one or all of our events held throughout the year.

Quarter-less Auction to be held March 3, 2018– We had a great time last year and raised a good amount of money to donate. Please watch for more information on this fun event!

Buckeye Candy InReach/OutReach Event. Candy will be ready before the OSU/Michigan game. Proceeds this year will be donated to the Steeple Restoration Fund.

Quilt Day to be held 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9am – A great time to do something you love with others that share the same passion as you.

Kids Summer Breakfast Program – A great program for kids that takes place in the summer months. Worship at Lutheran

Pork Loin Dinner – Annual event held the first Sunday in October.  

Vacation Bible School – Shared ministry with Trinity United Methodist Church, a fun week where children learn the word of the Lord in a fun and exciting way!